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【About School】

Our school is the sister schools of EHLE INSTITUE, opened in Osaka in April 2009. EHLE INSTITUE has been engaged in the education business in Osaka for more than 50 years and has produced many graduates. The school is roughly divided into a vocational school, a prep school, and a Japanese language school. More than 1,500 international students are enrolled now.

Our school was established as a school that you can specialize in learning business Japanese and Japanese business culture for foreigners who need to get a job. There is no other school where you can study only business Japanese intensively in a short period of time. Our graduates find employment in Japan and Japanese companies in their home countries, and been active in their work.

We will continue to strive to create a fulfilling curriculum as a school that produces excellent foreign human resources who can play an active role in Japanese companies in Japan and overseas.