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5 Reasons to Choose our School

① Our curriculum specialized in short-term course.
Our curriculum is customized for a short-term course. It is not a part of a 1 or 2 year long-term course.
② Excellent teachers
Experienced teachers support your study.
③ In the morning, we have many practical and useful lessons.
Our lessons are not just classroom studies. You can learn more practical skills through hands-on training
④ In the afternoon, we support your job hunting
We offer Job Placement Support lectures, and support you for getting a Status of Residence.
⑤ Our course is not just a higher level of Japanese language course.
Our course focuses on business and job hunting. The contents of the course are more practical and useful.

【Business Japanese Course】

These courses are designed for JLPT N2 or above. You can learn a wide range of practical Japanese, which focused on business conversations, cover from basic honorifics, pronunciation, business documents to advanced conversations, documents, and business manners you will need in your work.

Lesson Outline  4 lessons a day (Curriculums are subject to change. )

Lesson Details
Business Conversation Learn request, proposal, offer, permission, based on face to face communication.
Business Documents Learn how to read and write normal business documents.
Presentation Learn the effective skills for introduction and suggestion type of presentation.
Phone Conversation Learn how to talk on phone in a business manner.
Business Manners Learn basic manners as a business person such as appearance, greeting, and expressions.

【Job Placement Support Lecture】

More and more Japanese companies are trying to recruit employees regardless of nationalities. This lecture covers the way of job-hunting foreigners should be aware of if they want to be hired by Japanese companies in Japan or overseas.

Lesson Outline  2 lessons a day (Curriculums are subject to change.)

Lesson Details
Job Hunting Measures Learn how to do the job hunting in Japan such as writing a resume, manners of having interviews.
Industry Research Learn different industries and find the growing markets.
Reading Economic Newspapers Learn how to read articles effectively from economic newspapers.

【Elective Lecture】

These lectures are conducted separately from the above courses and lectures, which can give you different aspects of Business Japanese and Job Placement. Please confirm our website for more details.

Lesson Outline  2 lessons a day (Curriculums are subject to change.)

Lesson Details
BJT Preparation Learn how to prepare BJT test by analyzing the questions and give guidance based on mock tests.
Business Culture Learn how to understand and solve cross cultural incidents and problems in a company.
Company Research Learn about various companies in Japan through visiting them and learning their histories.

【Company Visits】

Students can practice what you learn from other lessons through visiting companies in Company Research.

Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd.Ezaki Glico Co.,Ltd.Itoki Corporation
The Asahi Shimbun CompanyZojirushi CorporationKiku-Masamune Sake Brewing Co., Ltd
Obayashi CorporationMizuno CorporationNHK
Asahi Breweries, Ltd.Kewpie CorporationPanasonic Corporation