OCT. QTR 2019 Early Bird Program 2nd Admission

【Program Outline】
The student who plans ahead and prepares for studying in Japan gets the lesson fee exemption.
Lesson Fee
¥50,000 OFF
About the return policy, please see the brochure, the admission information, or our website.
School Course Tuition Fee Exempted Amount Total for the
Early Bird Program
TERA Business Japanese
¥240,000 -¥50,000 ¥190,000
EN Practical Japanese
¥190,000 ¥140,000
☆ After October 2019, We can not accept Early Bird Program for SEIKO Academy Of Foreign Languages.
2 persons(When application reaches the capacity, we will close the admission.)
【Admission Requirements】
Please indicate “Applying for Early Bird Program” at the bottom of the form.
① Application form
② A copy of your passport
【Admission Period】
2019/06/03 – 2019/06/28
☆ If you fail to pay all the fees for completing Early Bird Program application process, we can not accept you for the program.
☆ You may apply for SS Program with this program, but you can not apply for Scholarship Program at the same time.
TERA School of Business & Communication EN Japanese Language School SEIKO Academy of Foreign Languages
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